2017 Conference Overview

The 2017 All America Laughter Conference took place in Portland, Oregon, on June 2nd-4th, 2017. This was our 12th annual celebration of laughter, continuously exploring leading edge approaches in the larger field of Laughter Therapy and embracing and exploring the best out all its various modalities. Here is a taste of what you took place:

Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher Training, Level 1
2017 All America Laughter Conference
Laughter coaching Training

Thank you to Dr Madan Kataria and Dr Annette Goodheart for inspiring us all to start our laughter journey; Thank you to the presenters of this conference for their willingness to share their wisdom and expertise: Professor Paul Bennett, Sue Ansari, Teena Miller, Connie Costa, Francis Monferrer, Chris Van Schaack, Laura Lou Pape-Mccarthy and Sebastien Gendry; …And thank you to all our 2017 participants who came from all 4 corners of the USA and Canada, and all the way from Australia and Spain!

The 2018 All America Laughter Conference will take place in the Los Angeles area in May or June 2018. Stay tuned! Leave your contact information below to be kept informed.