Recommended Pre-Conference Resources And Training
  • Laughter Online University Premium Membership: This is the ultimate resource center for Laughter Therapy enthusiasts and professionals (Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, and similar approaches). Only US$79 when packaged with the 2018 All America Laughter Unconference.
Post-Conference Training

Certified Laughter Wellness Consultant Certification Program

When: From Monday June 4th until Friday June 8th, 2018
Where: Pasadena, California
Teacher: Sebastien Gendry
Tuition: Early Bird Discount: US$995 • Regular: US$1,295

This is a 5-day intensive in-person training combined with a 6-month online follow-up program through the Laughter Online University with recommended assignments, regular group meetings, a private discussion and sharing forum, and partner accountability. It is designed to help people who have already attended a formal laughter training, e.g., Certified Laughter Wellness Facilitator, Certified Laughter (Yoga) Leader/Teacher, or similar, reach professional competency and successfully run their laughter business as a side or full time activity. Aside from deepening your laughter facilitation skills and knowledge, you will learn how to present yourself to the business community in a credible way, how to develop and deliver effective presentations and programs, how to optimize opportunities through effective marketing, and more.

Important: You do not necessarily need to have commercial ambitions to participate and greatly benefit from this course as the skills you will learn and practice are of value in all walks of life.

How it works

Download pdf file.